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Our law firm has lawyers experienced in assisting clients in drafting and negotiating purchase and sales agreements for real estate transactions, for both residential and commercial properties. Not only is it important to have a good, comprehensive contract, but it is just as important for the parties entering into the agreement to have a good understanding of the terms and conditions included within the purchase and sales agreement. No individual should sign a purchase and sales agreement unless they understand what they are agreeing to before signing. When you want to understand your real estate contract, feel free to sit down with our attorneys for an initial consultation, at a reduced hourly rate, and have our attorneys explain to you the terms included within your purchase and sales agreement. If needed, our attorneys can even help you negotiate and draft a custom purchase and sales agreement.
Likewise, in the event that you or your business have special needs, it is important that those needs be addressed within the Purchase and Sales Agreement during the negotiation process. Once the agreement is signed, it is usually too late to negotiate for additional conditions or concessions related to your special concerns. Don’t get caught in a bad deal that can harm you and your business, call May Brock Law Group today at (702) 388-0404.

Setting up your business to protect your personal assets

Because our attorneys also have experience setting up businesses in Nevada (i.e., corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships, etc…) ask our attorneys about how best to protect your personal assets when purchasing real estate. Depending on the purpose of the purchase (i.e., for renting, resale, business expansion, etc…) you may want to consider setting up a Nevada business company so that your personal assets can be protected. Don’t let yourself get caught in a deal that could jeopardize your personal assets or future. Call our office at (702) 388-0404.

Drafting/Negotiating Lease Agreements

Our real estate lawyers in Las Vegas have years of experience assisting clients in both drafting and negotiating lease agreements, for both residential and commercial leases. Because not every business or property is the same, it makes sense that some businesses need a lease agreement tailored to their individual or business needs. This is especially true when individuals need to negotiate and include tenant improvements into the terms of the lease agreement. In addition, our attorneys can sit down with you and discuss with you the terms and conditions of your lease agreement, so you will understand how these provisions will affect you and your business. Understanding what you agreed to when you signed, will help you know how to keep from breaching your lease agreement and/or being subject to eviction if you are the tenant. Let our experienced attorneys help negotiate your lease agreement to include those items within your lease that will help make your business a success. Call (702) 388-0404.

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Landlord/Tenant Law

When you are the landlord over a property or a multitude of properties, you need to ensure that you are legally protected and know how the eviction process should work in case you have a difficult tenant. Las Vegas eviction law spells out the procedures you should follow for evicting tenants, ending leases, and managing clients.

The attorneys at May Brock Law Group are dedicated to making your life as a landlord easier. We’ll educate you on ways to protect yourself from tenants who might file bankruptcy, are refusing to pay rent, are causing you problems, or have broken their contracts with you.

Reasons Landlords Could Evict a Tenant According to Las Vegas Eviction Law

If you are a landlord and you end up leasing your property to a problem commercial or private tenant, you won’t be able to just evict them on the spot, as laid out in Las Vegas eviction law. As a landlord, you are required to follow the lease agreement and Nevada law as you proceed through the eviction process. Let May Brock Law Group’s attorneys guide you through this cumbersome process so you don’t have to make multiple attempts while your tenant is allowed to stay rent free.

Even if you have a legitimate reason for evicting a tenant, you still have to go through the correct process of notifying the tenant and allowing the tenant the opportunity to challenge the eviction.

Helping Landlords Understand Las Vegas Eviction Law

Eviction law can be difficult to understand and even more strenuous when put into practice, especially if you are unfamiliar with all of the rules and regulations that govern this area of law. To improve your knowledge of the eviction laws, our attorneys can educate you on what your rights are and when you would be able to take action against a tenant. We will also perform the eviction process for you so you won’t have to stress over whether or not you are following the complex state rules.

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Lease Drafting

As a landlord, the best way to protect yourself from troubles with tenants is to have a very detailed and neatly designed contract. While you might have seen contracts before and feel confident about what the contract should look like and say, it is likely that you could leave out an important clause that could protect you from difficulty in the future.

At May Brock Law Group, we work with landlords to perform Las Vegas lease drafting so our clients will know that they are contractually protected. When we meet with a client, we don’t just write the contract for you. The attorneys at May Brock Law Group want to make sure that you are well-educated in the reasoning behind including or excluding particular provisions from the contract. It is our belief that, the better our clients understand their contractual obligations, the less likely they will be to enter into a dispute due to a misunderstanding of their rights or obligations.

Our Las Vegas Lease Drafting Process

Once you decide that you would like legal help with drafting your contract, our Las Vegas lease drafting attorneys will meet with you to assess what you would like to be included within the contract and what your concerns are once you have a tenant move in. From there, we can build a lease agreement that fits your qualifications and is also beneficial and straightforward for the tenant.

The attorneys at May Brock Law Group understand that being a landlord is part of your business, so we make a point of getting the contracts finished in a timely manner.

Contract Negotiations and Las Vegas Lease Drafting

Once you have a contract drafted up for your tenant, it’s possible that they will want to negotiate the terms of the agreement. Our attorneys are able to mitigate the lease negotiation process to ensure that you are making the best decisions for yourself and your business.

If you need Las Vegas lease drafting services or want someone to step into lease negotiations with you and a tenant, call May Brock Law Group at (702) 388-0404 to schedule a consultation!

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Purchase & Sales Agreements

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