Litigating Las Vegas Construction Claims

There are variety of Las Vegas construction disputes and/or claims that can and do arise within the construction industry. These disputes usually involve multiple parties, which may include the owner, an engineer, a surveyor, an architect, a general contractor, a subcontractor, or a material supplier. The variety and depth of contract disputes make being in the construction industry very stressful and difficult. However, when you are efficiently educated on the legal matters involved with being in the construction industry, you can stop worrying about what is not being done and focus on the important aspects of your work.

Regardless of the type of construction dispute or lawsuit you are forced to deal with, whether you’re filing a claim against someone else or have had a claim filed against you, May Brock Law Group will provide you with the legal advice and assistance you need to guide you through the process of resolving the dispute, whether that means through settlement negotiations or trial.

Types of Las Vegas Construction Claims

Construction claims and disputes can involve anyone who worked on the construction project, from engineers and architects to subcontractors and material suppliers, from property owners to general contractors and designers. With that in mind, anyone who works in the construction industry needs to understand what his/her legal rights and responsibilities are, whether to defend a claim that is filed against you or to know when you have a right to file a claim against someone else.

Our attorneys at May Brock Law Group are highly skilled at litigating the following types of construction claims in Las Vegas:

  • Bond claims
  • Bid disputes
  • Breach-of-Contract claims
  • Construction Defect Claims
  • Contractors Board Claims
  • Delay Claims
  • Mechanic’s Lien claims
  • Stop work notices
  • Payment disputes

If you’re having a problem with a contractor you hired, with an owner who hired you, or you need to know how to provide a legal defense against someone who is filing a construction claim against you, don’t wait until it is too late. Call our firm and ask to schedule an appointment with one of the attorneys at May Brock Law Group!

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Our Dedication to Informing Clients about Las Vegas Construction Claims

Even if you are not currently facing an impending construction claim or lawsuit, it is important that you are educated in your legal responsibilities as a person working in the construction industry. With each client we work with, we make sure that he/she is well-aware of what is going on legally so we can work as a team to keep our clients out of trouble. Our office prefers long term relationships with our clients, so they feel comfortable getting us involved at the very beginning stages of a dispute, which may give us the ability to assist our clients in resolving disputes before it gets to the litigation stage.

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