Las Vegas Bid Protests

With many construction projects, especially public works projects, the entity that needs the construction completed will accept the lowest bidder. Much of the time, the lowest bidder has no problem making sure that the construction project costs reflect the amount they originally bid and can show that they followed the bidding instructions. However, there are cases where the bidder is dishonest or fails to provide a proper bid package, even though they are the low bidder, which means that the bid can be disputed.

If you bid on a project but lose the bid to another contractor who failed to follow the bid requirements, you have the ability to file a Las Vegas bid protest. If you are the second lowest bidder and are successful with your bid protest, you will be awarded the project.

Educating Our Clients on Las Vegas Bid Protests

Bid protesting can be a confusing process, whether you are the protester or the person being protested against. Either way, the attorneys at May Brock Law Group will be able to work with you and help you understand whether a bid should or should not be protested or make a case against a contractor who is contesting your bid.

Understanding the Las Vegas bid protest process is half the battle, so our attorneys firmly believe in educating every client we have about bid protesting as a legal issue. This will allow you to provide us with important information and will also keep you informed throughout the legal process.

May Brock Law Group is Familiar with Las Vegas Bid Protests and Construction Law

At May Brock Law Group, we have attorneys who have a background in civil engineering and construction, so we stand uniquely qualified to provide you with legal advice regarding bid protests. We know what is at stake for you as a contractor, and we want your legal situations to work out in your favor.
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