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Contract Law

18 09, 2017

Starting a Business? Make Sure You Have These 5 Documents to Avoid Legal Trouble

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Commercial business law can be extremely complicated for even the savviest businessperson. Commercial law, legal contracts, and business litigation… it can all feel quite overwhelming. Luckily, there are quality business attorneys who are available to help you maneuver through the various commercial business laws. Whether you’re involved in a legal conflict or not, it’s important that your company is equipped with the necessary documentation and legally enforceable contracts. Without having your contracts in order, your business could be at risk for serious financial penalties or lawsuits. Here are a few essential documents you should have to avoid commercial business law disputes. A list of your company’s bylaws Although you don’t need to keep your company’s bylaws filed with your state or federal government, it’s best to keep a written record of them at your main office and at your attorney’s office.  Without well written and understood bylaws, simple ambiguous situations could lead to legal issues or major disputes between the owners of the company. With a thorough review of your company’s Bylaws, however, your company attorney can guide you through its governing rules in order to avoid disputes due to misunderstandings. Workers’ compensation contracts While it’s not enforced across the country, the majority of states require companies to have some form of workers’ compensation available. Roughly 74% of states currently require all businesses to provide workers’ comp. You should make sure that you are offering legitimate workers’ comp and have the correct documentation.  Otherwise, your company can be subject to liability towards both the state and your employees. Privacy policy outlined on the Internet This isn’t necessarily required by law either, but it’s still a best practice for business owners to have policies for their [...]

27 06, 2017

Breach of Contract in Nevada Commercial Real Estate Law

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Commercial law varies from state to state and can be quite confusing if you have relatively little experience in business litigation. Everything from purchasing real estate to the foreclosure process is governed by certain types of legislation that can feel overwhelming to many. Certainly, when contract breaches are involved, which is a common occurrence in commercial law, each party involved might feel in the right, resulting in more confusion and potential financial burdens. In order to successfully claim breach of contract, the plaintiff in any real estate law case must prove four things: The actual formation of an enforceable contract Proof that the plaintiff performed the designed duties outline in the enforceable contract Proof that the defendant breached a part of the contract Proof that the defendant's breach resulted in some form of actual damages Unless a party understands its contractual and statutory rights, that party will find it difficult to effectively pursue a claim for breach of contract. If you would like to know what contractual and statutory rights you have, please contact the Law Office of Tony M. May, P.C.