Contractors’ Bond Claims and Stop Work Notices in Las Vegas

As a professional, you are constantly at risk of not getting paid. However, as a contractor and subcontractor, there are plenty of safeguards you can put into place to protect yourself from customers who cannot or will not pay for the labor and materials you are putting into the project you’ve been working on.

Whether you are working for a private customer or are working on a state project, the legal representatives at May Brock Law Group can educate you on the correct processes for both bond claims and stop-work notices in Las Vegas. You deserve to be protected, so don’t take any additional risks or continue working on a project that has gone sour until you get these steps in the works!

Stop-work Notices in Las Vegas

If you are working on a project but haven’t been paid according to your agreements with a homeowner, other contractor, or business owner, you have the statutory right to give the client a stop-work notice. If the process is done correctly, Nevada law states that you will be exempt from certain customer complaints, including delay claims.

The Las Vegas stop-work notices require that you go through a very specific process, whether or not this circumstance was included in the contract you signed with the client. If you rush into the stop-work notice, you might make a legal mistake that can prove very detrimental in the future. To get the legal information you need to make the right decision regarding stop-work notices, come to the law office of May Brock Law Group!

Las Vegas Bond Claims

When you take on a public works contract, you, as a contractor, may be required to obtain a payment bond to protect subcontractors and suppliers in case you fail to pay the bill for the construction.
Both bond claims and stop-work notices in Las Vegas are difficult, complex procedures that must be followed precisely to ensure that you retain your statutory rights. To get the information, education, and legal advice necessary to protect yourself against not getting paid, call May Brock Law Group at (702)-388-0404!

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