Las Vegas Employment Law

The employment law and labor relations attorneys of May Brock Law Group work with a variety of businesses to navigate the complex world of employment law. Our focus is to provide assistance to help our clients avoid litigation. We can provide counseling services to help companies understand employee training procedures, policy development, and handling sexual harassment and disability cases in the workplace. If you need help handing your employment law case in Las Vegas and surrounding areas, contact our office at (702) 388-0404.

Employment Advice and Counseling

Our firm offers advice and counseling on the full range of employment matters that arise from employee recruitment to employee termination. We assist with developing employment contracts, preparing company policies, company restricting, return to work issues, employee performance and employee misconduct. Whether you are an established business or a new business, our employment law attorneys in Las Vegas can assist with all your employment law needs.

Workplace Discrimination and Harassment and Retaliation

May Brock Law Group, defends employers against claims of employees of discrimination in employment regarding age, disability, gender, military service, national origin, pregnancy, race, religion, and/or sexual orientation. Our team can provide defense against employee claims of hostile work environments and retaliation against an employee for reporting discrimination or harassment. We have experience representing employers before the EEOC and the EEOC state compliance agencies.

Wage and Hour Compliance

Our Las Vegas law firm advises employers regarding wage & hour law issues they confront, including the federal Fair Labor Standards Act and Nevada DETR. We work with employers in determining employer exemption from minimum wage and overtime requirements for employees. Our firm helps employers determine and implement their recordkeeping requirements under wage and hour laws.

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Disabilities and Job Accommodations

We provide advice to employers regarding compliance with ADA regulations. Our law firm helps employers understand what reasonable employee accommodations are necessary to comply with the ADA.

Sexual Harassment

Having a well-drafted sexual harassment prevention policy is the basis of an employer’s defense of sexual harassment cases. Our firm can assist you in drafting a sexual harassment policy and assist your company in keeping the sexual harassment policy current.

Employers must have and individual or individuals within the company who are designated to receive and investigate sexual harassment complaints and responsible to follow up with the employee.

Employers should review and republish to employees its sexual harassment policy periodically. Training and seminars for front line supervisors and human resources administrators can be provided by May Brock Law Group. Call us at 702-388-0404 to discuss these training and seminar services.

FMLA and Leaves of Absences

We provide advice to employers regarding leave and accommodation programs that comply with FLMA and state law, including training line managers and HR departments on applicable leave of absence laws. Our firm defends claims of employees of FMLA and state leave laws.

Handbooks Policies and Employment Contracts

May Brock Law Group, helps employers prepare new policies and employee handbooks. Our firm will review and revise existing policies and handbooks. All policies and handbooks are shaped to our clients’ specific needs. We assist in preparing in employment contracts for officers, directors, and key employees. We also prepares severance agreements, including terms related to receiving severance, any breach of a severance agreement and the negotiation of severance agreement. We prepare non-compete agreements including clauses involving separation, termination, limitations as to geography and the length of time as to the non-compete term and protecting confidential employer information.

Federal Court Litigation

When a dispute with an employee cannot be resolved through negotiation, the firm is fully prepared to represent employers in federal or state court and before administrative agencies and arbitrators.

Our employment law services are individually designed to reflect each client’s unique business goals and objectives. As a result of our extensive experience in the labor and employment field, we are able to offer advice on legal matters related to employee benefits, bankruptcy, business law, and more. Contact our Las Vegas law firm for your employment law needs.

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