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The employment law and labor relations attorneys of May Brock Law Group work with a variety of businesses to navigate the complex world of employment law. Our focus is to provide assistance to help our clients avoid litigation. We can provide counseling services to help companies understand employee training procedures, policy development, and handling sexual harassment and disability cases in the workplace. If you need help handing your employment law case in Las Vegas and surrounding areas, contact our office at (702) 388-0404.

Employment Advice and Counseling

Our firm offers advice and counseling on the full range of employment matters that arise from employee recruitment to employee termination. We assist with developing employment contracts, preparing company policies, company restricting, return to work issues, employee performance and employee misconduct. Whether you are an established business or a new business, our employment law attorneys in Las Vegas can assist with all your employment law needs.

Workplace Discrimination and Harassment and Retaliation

May Brock Law Group, defends employers against claims of employees of discrimination in employment regarding age, disability, gender, military service, national origin, pregnancy, race, religion, and/or sexual orientation. Our team can provide defense against employee claims of hostile work environments and retaliation against an employee for reporting discrimination or harassment. We have experience representing employers before the EEOC and the EEOC state compliance agencies.

Wage and Hour Compliance

Our Las Vegas law firm advises employers regarding wage & hour law issues they confront, including the federal Fair Labor Standards Act and Nevada DETR. We work with employers in determining employer exemption from minimum wage and overtime requirements for employees. Our firm helps employers determine and implement their recordkeeping requirements under wage and hour laws.

Disabilities and Job Accommodations

We provide advice to employers regarding compliance with ADA regulations. Our law firm helps employers understand what reasonable employee accommodations are necessary to comply with the ADA.

Sexual Harassment

Having a well-drafted sexual harassment prevention policy is the basis of an employer’s defense of sexual harassment cases. Our firm can assist you in drafting a sexual harassment policy and assist your company in keeping the sexual harassment policy current.

Employers must have and individual or individuals within the company who are designated to receive and investigate sexual harassment complaints and responsible to follow up with the employee.

Employers should review and republish to employees its sexual harassment policy periodically. Training and seminars for front line supervisors and human resources administrators can be provided by May Brock Law Group. Call us at 702-388-0404 to discuss these training and seminar services.

FMLA and Leaves of Absences

We provide advice to employers regarding leave and accommodation programs that comply with FLMA and state law, including training line managers and HR departments on applicable leave of absence laws. Our firm defends claims of employees of FMLA and state leave laws.

Handbooks Policies and Employment Contracts

May Brock Law Group, helps employers prepare new policies and employee handbooks. Our firm will review and revise existing policies and handbooks. All policies and handbooks are shaped to our clients’ specific needs. We assist in preparing in employment contracts for officers, directors, and key employees. We also prepares severance agreements, including terms related to receiving severance, any breach of a severance agreement and the negotiation of severance agreement. We prepare non-compete agreements including clauses involving separation, termination, limitations as to geography and the length of time as to the non-compete term and protecting confidential employer information.

Federal Court Litigation

When a dispute with an employee cannot be resolved through negotiation, the firm is fully prepared to represent employers in federal or state court and before administrative agencies and arbitrators.

Our employment law services are individually designed to reflect each client’s unique business goals and objectives. As a result of our extensive experience in the labor and employment field, we are able to offer advice on legal matters related to employee benefits, bankruptcy, business law, and more. Contact our Las Vegas law firm for your employment law needs.

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Collective Bargaining Agreements

Unionized workplaces normally have collective bargaining agreements as they are used as a negotiation tool between employers and employees. Collective bargaining agreements are designed to improve working conditions and to establish new rules related to hours of employment, overtime, time off, wages, and health and safety issues.

Collective Agreement Bargaining and Contract Negotiation

May Brock Law Group can help you review collective bargaining agreements and will assist with contract negotiations. Some of the key issues in collective bargaining agreements include:

  • Wages, hours, and fringe benefits
  • Non-discrimination clauses
  • Health and safety concerns
  • Employee discipline
  • Management rights
  • Seniority
  • Length of contract
  • Arbitration
  • No-Strike Clause
  • Security

Las Vegas Employment Law Attorney

Collective bargaining requires negotiations between employers and a group of employees. When the collective bargaining procedure is complete, a collective agreement is reached. Employees are represented by a union or a labor organization. Collective bargaining is governed by the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA). The NLRA explicitly grants employees the right to collective bargain and join trade unions. The NLRA has established procedures for the selection of a labor organization to properly represent employees in collective bargaining. Contact our Las Vegas office for more information about collective bargaining agreements.

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Handling a disability claim can be confusing for many people to understand. While some people can file a disability claim on their own, it is in your best interest to hire an attorney. May Brock Law Group has experience with social security cases and we will be able to negotiate on your behalf to ensure you are receiving the proper benefits.

What Happens When I Call a Disability Attorney?

When you call our Las Vegas law firm, we will set up an appointment for an initial interview. Our first appointment will go over the basic facts of the case. The facts will help us identify the strength of your case and if we will be able to help.

Obtaining Evidence

We will request your medical records and submit them to the Social Security Administration at the correct time before your hearing. Social Security frequently dictates the exam needed to win a disability case. We will review your medical records to let you know if you need to undergo additional testing. Based on your case, we may need to obtain supportive statements and functional limitations. We will then review evidence that could hurt your case and what strategy needs to be taken.

Preparing for a Disability Hearing

Before your hearing, we will speak to you about the case and what you can expect. We need to discuss issues that need to be addressed and will check all evidence to make sure it is part of your claim. Some cases will require more evidence to win your claim. Some things to consider are your symptoms, if you are currently receiving medical treatment for your disability, if you are suffering from depression as a result of the disability, medications, and more.

How We Will Argue Your Case

May Brock Law Group provides legal strategies to help you win a disability case. We will review any denial letters form the Social Security agency and will dispute the claim if there are issues with it.

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Labor Law & Labor Relations

May Brock Law Group handles every aspect of labor relations for public and private sectors. We counsel clients on best practices for maintaining positive employee relations. We have helped our clients with contract negotiations, arbitration hearings, union organizing drives, and NLRB hearings. We represent unionized clients with collective bargaining, arbitration, lockouts and strikes, and unfair labor practice cases. Our attorneys offer advice on how to handle union organizing drives and what can be done to maintain positive relationships and productivity. We advise company’s during union elections

ERISA Experience

We offer traditional labor law practices that include ERISA and benefit issues that often arise with a traditional workforce. We provide counseling for clients that often have to handle multiemployer trust funds, expensive medical costs, and shutdowns.

Our team has the experience you need to maintain a productive and profitable business. We help our clients understand their legal rights and can navigate a variety of employment law areas including:

Contract negotiations
Arbitration hearings
Unfair labor practice charges
Union elections and organizing drives
Successorship and relocations
Severance and shutdown benefits
Health care cost control
Pension plans and withdrawal liability

Employment Litigation Services

We advise employers in a variety of day-to-day personnel practices and issues related to employee relations (harassment and discrimination). We provide assistance with disability and religious accommodation issues. We provide a legal defense for employers in wrongful discharge, harassment, discrimination, contract, tort and all other employment claims.

Management Training

We provide training programs in employment law that requires correct information and training for managers and supervisors that can reduce the risk of mistakes that may cause employment law liability. Our training program is designed to provide performance management and termination, performance appraisal and evaluation, workplace discrimination and harassment, handling leaves of absence and attendance, and non-discriminatory employment practices.

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Unemployment Law

Unemployment benefits vary in sizes from $400 per week to $11,000 per year. If you have applied for unemployment, but have been denied, it is best to hire a Las Vegas attorney right away. May Brock Law Group provides legal representation for individuals needing assistance appealing an unemployment benefits decision. If you have been denied unemployment, it is extremely important to act quickly as you only have 11 days to file an appeal. Our skilled team has years of experience handling a variety of claims, and we will file an appeal on your behalf.

Unemployment Law Eligibility

For an individual to qualify for unemployment, they must meet several qualifications including:

Sufficient earnings within the base period of a claim
Wholly unemployed or employed less than full-time and have earnings less than their weekly entitlement
Must be found to be unemployed through no fault of their own
Must be available to seek and accept work customary to normal occupation
Physically and mentally able to work at the time the claim for benefits was filed
Must not refuse suitable work when offered

Monetarily Eligible

A person needs to work in employment and be paid sufficient wages within a certain time period before they can file a claim. The work must be covered employment, even if it is not required to be work performed in one state. The majority of employers are covered by unemployment insurance, but there are some that are exempt from coverage (church and self-employment are the most common.)


Individuals need to be wholly unemployed or be working a reduced schedule due to insufficient hours to be eligible for unemployment. Individuals on a leave of absence, receiving worker’s compensation, and commission salespersons that are not earning commissions due to lackluster sales are not deemed unemployed.

Out of Work Through No Fault of Your Own

What happens when a person is unemployed through no fault of their own? Nevada reviews separations from the most recent period of work to the next most recent work. For a person to be determined out of work through no fault of their own, they must be laid off, discharged, for reasons other than misconduct, or quit. Strikes and lockouts, retirement, and leaves of absence fall under different provisions. There are several other elements that fall under this category, contact our Las Vegas Law Firm to discuss your particular unemployment case.

Available to Seek and Accept Work

A person must be actively engaged in efforts to seek and secure employment. Individuals must not have personal circumstances which prevent them from applying for a job when offered. Lack of transportation, inadequate child care, lack of tools for the job, and an inability to work the days and hours required are common circumstances preventing individuals from employment.

Must Not Refuse Suitable Work

When an individual is presented with a job, they must accept an offer when working with an unemployment division. Suitable work is defined as work which the individual customarily performs and that pays the prevailing wage for that type of work in the area that the work is being performed. If a person refuses to apply for a job as directed by the Nevada Employment Security Job Services they may be denied further unemployment benefits.

Scheduling a Hearing for Denial Claims

Once you file an appeal for benefits, a hearing will be scheduled. At the hearing, the employer and the employee will present evidence pertaining to the case and the denial will be affirmed or reversed. If an individual is awarded benefits and the previous employer chooses to fight the decision, they have 11 days to file an appeal. If the individual is granted benefits and the employer appeals, it is important to hire an attorney before your hearing. Failure to show up to the hearing, or not preparing correctly for the hearing can easily result in a reversal of the benefits you have already been granted.

According to NRS Chapter 612, providing false information to the Nevada Employment Security Job Services will result in fraud. For example, if you disagree with misconduct as being the reason you were dismissed, you still need to acknowledge that you were aware of this dismissal reason. Reporting you were dismissed for misconduct does not always mean you will be denied unemployment benefits. You will be given the opportunity to have a phone interview to present your case and a decision will then be made. Without an experienced unemployment attorney on your side, you could find yourself in a position of being denied benefits and still unemployed.

Unemployment appeal hearings are similar to small trials as you are able to present evidence and the employer presents evidence and both sides are given a chance to present their arguments pertaining to the evidence. A decision is then made after all the evidence and arguments are reviewed. May Brock Law Group is experienced with unemployment cases and we will represent you to ensure your rights are being respected and you are not being denied state benefits without correct due process.

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Wrongful Termination

All states have adopted “at-will” employment to some degree, which allows employees to quit their jobs at any time without advanced notice. At will employment also allows an employer to fire or lay off an employee at any time without needing to give a reason. Employers will typically ask employees to sign contracts that enforces the terms of at will employment. There are some exceptions to the contracts as they help to protect the company from losing valuable information and protects an employee from having their personal information shared.

Defending against a Wrongful Termination Lawsuit

Although our firm would prefer to advise clients so that they are not subject to a wrongful termination lawsuits, we understand that it is not always possible to safeguard against this type of claim. If you have been sued by a former employee for wrongfully termination, contact our office as soon as possible. Because of the short statute of limitations that may apply to these types of claims, it is important that the employer seek legal counsel immediately so that its counsel will have sufficient time to prepare to defend the company against the claim. Contact May Brock Law Group to discuss your wrongful termination case as soon as possible at (702)-388-0404.

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