Business Lease Agreement in Las Vegas

Whether you are renting out professional space in your business building or are entering into a lease for your business, it’s important to have an experienced attorney of business leases in Las Vegas look over the lease agreement and negotiate or adjust it according to your best interests. Since 2009, our attorneys have been negotiating lease agreements for parties on both sides.

Lease agreements, whether you are the landlord or the tenant, give the landlord legal protection and let the tenant know what the landlord expects during the period of the lease. It is very important that both the landlord and tenant understand what terms and requirements are included within the lease agreement to avoid disputes over misunderstandings. Thus, if you don’t agree with the lease terms or want a legal representative to look over the lease before you give it to your tenant, May Brock Law Group can schedule a consultation with you.

Drafting Business Leases in Las Vegas

If you are new to renting out business spaces, don’t worry. Our experienced attorneys can educate you on what should go into a business lease agreement and why those provisions are necessary. Then, we will work with you, regardless of what stage of the process you are at, to ensure that the drafting, negotiation, review, and adjustments are reasonable and reflect what you need in the agreement for protection.

Having an attorney to help you negotiate the lease terms can be a great asset to any landlord or tenant. Either as a landlord or as a tenant, you don’t want to get pushed into a corner and end up entering into a contract you don’t agree with or don’t understand. Let the attorneys at May Brock Law Group stand behind you during processes involving business leases in Las Vegas!

Negotiating Business Leases in Las Vegas as a Tenant

If you are preparing to rent out a space in a business building, you don’t have to sign the original lease agreement that the landlord sets forth. By engaging in negotiations, you can modify the agreements in the contract to suit your company’s needs.

Whether you are drafting business leases in Las Vegas or are preparing to enter into a business lease, the experienced business attorneys at May Brock Law Group are available to work with you. Call us today at (702) 388-0404!

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