Commercial Business Law in Las Vegas

Whether you’re just starting up your business or have been an entrepreneur for quite some time, having the legal information you need on hand is important. As you continue to perform business dealings, you should be well aware of your responsibilities as a commercial entity, and that’s why May Brock Law Group has attorneys who are educated in the commercial law in Las Vegas.

When you come for a consultation at our firm, our attorneys will assess your situation and act as a guide through the legal process or dispute your company is involved in. This way, you’ll be able to keep your business in the right place legally.

Las Vegas Commercial Law: Business Formation and Business Litigation

There are two distinct stages of commercial law in Las Vegas. First, for businesses that are just trying get on their feet, there is business formation law. Second, for established and practicing businesses, there is business litigation law. Because there is some crossover between the two, we have attorneys who can assist you in both areas.

Business formation law mostly has to do with deciding which type of entity you want your business to become, whether you want to turn it into a corporation or just want a small partnership. From there, our attorneys can make sure that all the proper licensing and documentation has been completed.

Business litigation is vaster in nature. It encompasses everything from contract disputes to negotiating and entering into franchise agreements.

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Finding out More about Business Law in Las Vegas

As a business owner, you have a responsibility to understand the Las Vegas business law. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to wade through the material yourself. With the help of our highly skilled and experienced attorneys, you will be able to learn about the legal responsibilities you have and bring your business to the next level.

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Instrumental in helping our company deal with what appeared to be a ‘no win’ situation

“Tony and his firm was instrumental in helping our company deal with what appeared to be a ‘no win’ situation. His experience and knowledge of the situation, contract law, and reputation was key to helping us with our dilemma. More importantly Tony read our situation and knew exactly how to proceed. Things worked out as successfully as possible. Without Tony that would not have been possible. We nearly chose another firm. Which would have been disastrous. I am writing this review to help others make a choice that will truly assist them. Thank you.”

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“I had to sue a rouge partner, and consulted with 2 attorney’s who advised me my case would be very hard to win, and to better leave things as they were. I got very lucky when a friend of mine recommended Tony May to me. After a 2 hour consultation, he decided my case was worth pursuing. He built such a good case for me, that when the judge ordered both parties to meet and try to resolve the issues at hand, before having to go to trial, my partners attorney was at a loss. We settled, and I got everything I was contesting and more. My partners attorney later admitted to me that sometimes your own clients are your worst enemies. Thank you Tony for a job well done!”

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