Labor Relations and Traditional Labor Law

May Brock Law Group handles every aspect of labor relations for public and private sectors. We counsel clients on best practices for maintaining positive employee relations. We have helped our clients with contract negotiations, arbitration hearings, union organizing drives, and NLRB hearings. We represent unionized clients with collective bargaining, arbitration, lockouts and strikes, and unfair labor practice cases. Our attorneys offer advice on how to handle union organizing drives and what can be done to maintain positive relationships and productivity. We advise company’s during union elections

ERISA Experience

We offer traditional labor law practices that include ERISA and benefit issues that often arise with a traditional workforce. We provide counseling for clients that often have to handle multiemployer trust funds, expensive medical costs, and shutdowns.

Our team has the experience you need to maintain a productive and profitable business. We help our clients understand their legal rights and can navigate a variety of employment law areas including:

Contract negotiations
Arbitration hearings
Unfair labor practice charges
Union elections and organizing drives
Successorship and relocations
Severance and shutdown benefits
Health care cost control
Pension plans and withdrawal liability

Employment Litigation Services

We advise employers in a variety of day-to-day personnel practices and issues related to employee relations (harassment and discrimination). We provide assistance with disability and religious accommodation issues. We provide a legal defense for employers in wrongful discharge, harassment, discrimination, contract, tort and all other employment claims.

Management Training

We provide training programs in employment law that requires correct information and training for managers and supervisors that can reduce the risk of mistakes that may cause employment law liability. Our training program is designed to provide performance management and termination, performance appraisal and evaluation, workplace discrimination and harassment, handling leaves of absence and attendance, and non-discriminatory employment practices.

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