Handling a disability claim can be confusing for many people to understand. While some people can file a disability claim on their own, it is in your best interest to hire an attorney. May Brock Law Group has experience with social security cases and we will be able to negotiate on your behalf to ensure you are receiving the proper benefits.

What Happens When I Call a Disability Attorney?

When you call our Las Vegas law firm, we will set up an appointment for an initial interview. Our first appointment will go over the basic facts of the case. The facts will help us identify the strength of your case and if we will be able to help.

Obtaining Evidence

We will request your medical records and submit them to the Social Security Administration at the correct time before your hearing. Social Security frequently dictates the exam needed to win a disability case. We will review your medical records to let you know if you need to undergo additional testing. Based on your case, we may need to obtain supportive statements and functional limitations. We will then review evidence that could hurt your case and what strategy needs to be taken.

Preparing for a Disability Hearing

Before your hearing, we will speak to you about the case and what you can expect. We need to discuss issues that need to be addressed and will check all evidence to make sure it is part of your claim. Some cases will require more evidence to win your claim. Some things to consider are your symptoms, if you are currently receiving medical treatment for your disability, if you are suffering from depression as a result of the disability, medications, and more.

How We Will Argue Your Case

May Brock Law Group provides legal strategies to help you win a disability case. We will review any denial letters form the Social Security agency and will dispute the claim if there are issues with it.

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